GO MOBILE is one of the major players in the Italian market for VAS (Value Added Services). GO MOBILE VAS is the solution for the Services Centers that want to deliver value added voice services in Italy. Today GO MOBILE proposes the most used Special Pricing Numbers for VAS: 899, 895, 199, 178, destined by the National Numbering Plan to the provision of professional services.

The experience gained over time, combined with an intelligent and completely flexible network, allows to understand to the best the needs of the companies by providing them with highly customized tools.

Some of the main features of our VAS VOICE offer:

A web interface allows to manage your numbers and independently access to the relative traffic statistics.
You can check the details of the calls, filter them by origin, number and time period, in real time, twenty-four hours a day.
The calls are managed according to fully customizable routing criteria.

These solutions provide a huge competitive advantage to companies that find in GO MOBILE a specialist consultant.


The caller dials a premium rate number from his/her telephone, whether landline or mobile. The call gets to our system where, under the default settings decided from the client, performs the following tasks:

  1. provides a free message to inform about the cost of the service;
  2. provides automatic interactive services on the equipment planned;
  3. transfers the call to landline/mobile numbers of the Service Center;
  4. when achieved the maximum connection time provided for the Carrier of origin, it terminates the call.

The caller will be charged for the call cost. At the Service Center, GO MOBILE recognizes a portion of the cost of the call for the provision of voice service.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us!

Numbers Management

GO MOBILE has developed a simple but powerful web tool for the numbers management, through which the Service Centre will have the real-time control of its Numbers.

  1. Configuration of the routes for the Termination service, with policies of Priority or Calendar.
  2. Independent management of the welcome free messages.
  3. Mobile Number Portability support.
  4. Statistics updated in real time.

Intelligent network advanced services

GO MOBILE has developed a broad platform of products that make the VAS Numbers for the Services Centres more effective. All the advanced services have been created internally by GO MOBILE developers and specifically designed according to the needs of the customers. The strength of GO MOBILE is the ability to achieve in a short time the new requirements and to adapt the existing services to new needs.

  • Basic IVR services (registered services, menus with phone keyboard navigation of the pre-routing messages);
  • Advanced IVR services (voice-mail, televoting, live recorded, vip chat);
  • Web micro-payment services (static password release, dynamic password release, instant access);
  • Data access service in dial-up;
  • Virtual call center.