Vas Services

GO MOBILE is one of the major players in the Italian market for VAS (Value Added Services). GO MOBILE VAS is the solution for the Services Centers that want to deliver value added voice services in Italy. Today GO MOBILE proposes the most used Special Pricing Numbers for VAS: 899, 895, 199, 178, destined by the National Numbering Plan to the provision of professional services.

The experience gained over time, combined with an intelligent and completely flexible network, allows to understand to the best the needs of the companies by providing them with highly customized tools.

Some of the main features of our VAS VOICE offer:

  • A web interface allows to manage your numbers and independently access to the relative traffic statistics.
  • You can check the details of the calls, filter them by origin, number and time period, in real time, twenty-four hours a day.
  • The calls are managed according to fully customizable routing criteria.

These solutions provide a huge competitive advantage to companies that find in GO MOBILE a specialist consultant.

Short code messaging

GO MOBILE, as a carrier (SP) is the assignee of short codes (short code number) associated with the Premium SMS Services. Unlike the other Italian competitors, that operates in the Mobile VAS market as CSP, GO MOBILE, in addition to being a CSP, is also SP. The Company provides indeed the physical and logical interface to access to the CSP; this means that any Italian or foreign CSP can offer its premium services in Italy, through the use of GO MOBILE short codes.


GO MOBILE operates also in the consumer area, offering digital contents for mobile devices, sometimes linked to the promotion of draws.