GO MOBILE is a telecommunications company specialized in Voice VAS Services and Digital Mobile Content; it is a dynamic and innovative company, able to understand the rapid developments in the telecommunications market.

The company, that owns the license of "Fixed telecommunications and data transmission carrier throughout the national territory" given by the Ministry of Communications, was born as a Carrier and in a short period of time accomplished to be one of the main players in the Italian market of value added services for businesses, distributed to non-geographic numbers.

GO MOBILE is also a Mobile Media Company and operates in the consumer area, developing and offering multimedia contents for mobile devices, in partnership with the major mobile carriers.

Introducing innovations in the services and in the contents is the principal objective to become an important player in the new telecommunications sector.


GO MOBILE è un’azienda che opera nel settore delle telecomunicazioni, specializzata nell’offerta di Servizi VAS e Digital Content; una realtà dinamica ed innovativa, capace di cogliere le rapide evoluzioni del mercato delle telecomunicazioni. L’Azienda, in possesso della licenza del Ministero delle Comunicazioni come “Operatore di telefonia fissa e di trasmissione dati su tutto il territorio nazionale”, nasce come Operatore Telefonico ed in poco tempo è riuscita ad affermarsi, come uno dei principali attori del mercato italiano dei servizi VAS per le aziende, erogati sulle Numerazioni Non Geografiche.

GO MOBILE è anche Mobile Media Company ed opera nell’area consumer sviluppando e offrendo ad utenti di telefonia mobile contenuti multimediali in partnership con i maggiori Operatori di telefonia mobile.

L’introduzione di innovazione nei servizi e nei contenuti è l’obiettivo primario per divenire attore di primo piano nel settore delle nuove TLC.


The know-how of the company has grown thanks to three fundamental elements that characterized the corporate evolution.

Core Competences of the success:


GO MOBILE operates globally through a series of partnerships with major international players active in the telecommunications industry, which include Carriers, VAS Services Integrators and Content Server Providers.

Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader provider in networking for the Internet and it is also one of GO MOBILE leading technology partners. The hardware and software products from Cisco Systems are used to create network infrastructures that enable users to have immediate access to information no matter their geographical location and the type of system used.