GO MOBILE also operates in the B2C field by offering digital content for mobile devices in Direct Carrier Billing. This solution allows our users to directly access by telephone credit to the features offered by the main national telephone operators : TIM, Vodafone, 3, Wind, Poste Mobile, Fastweb. Carrier Billing facilitates the payments of digital content, making them fast, safe and simple.

The DCB doesn’t require for any credit card, the payment is made through the telephone credit (prepaid or rechargeable) available on the user's SIM card.



Through this solution GO MOBILE is able to offer digital content for mobile devices, games, information, images, apps, videos and any other type of digital content that can meet the needs of mobile users.
Among others, the company has already developed digital content such as gaming, dating chat, horoscope, sports news, wallpaper, video.