Premium SMS allow user to receive any kind of content directly on their mobile phone (news, images, videos, games, etc.) with subscription or On Demand solutions, paying through the telephone credit available on their SIM card.

GO MOBILE, as a telephone operator (Service Provider, or SP) provides short numbers (short code numbers) associated with Premium SMS Services. Unlike other Italian competitors operating in the Mobile VAS market as Content Service Provider (CSP), GO MOBILE operates both as CSP and as SP.


Content Service Providers (CSP) can use the content delivery solution via Premium SMS through GO MOBILE short numbers. This allows companies to obtain revenues from the supply of content for mobile devices, through Revenue Share solutions.

The advantages of choosing GO MOBILE as a short code number telephone provider are to be identified firstly in the Customer satisfaction, in the timely assistance and in the assignment of Project Managers dedicated to the development / maintenance of each customer's services .

The use of short code numbers is also applicable to solutions other than the provision of content, both for subscription solutions and for individual requests on demand.

Other possible applications to this business model are: increase credits useful for example in the use of online games; design of micro payment systems; use of the same short code as a tool to obtain password access to various Services.