GO MOBILE Voice Premium is the solution for CSP that want to provide Value-Added voice Services in Italy. Today GO MOBILE offers the most commonly used Special Rate Numbers for the VAS: 899, 895,199,178, destined by the National Numbering Plan to the delivery of professional services.

Some main features of our VOICE offer:
-A web interface allows you to manage your numbers and access the traffic statistics independently.
-You can check the details of the calls, filter them by origin, numbering and period, in real time 24 hours a day.
-Calls are managed following completely customizable routing criteria.


GO MOBILE has developed a simple but powerful web tool for numbers management, through which the CSP will have real-time control of its numbers.

- Configuration of routes for the Termination service, with Priority or Calendar policies;
- Autonomous management of free welcome messages;
- Support for Mobile Number Portability;
- Real time updated statistics.

All the services offered have been created in-house and are part of a large portfolio of high-performance Voice Premium services for CSPs. The strength of GO MOBILE lays on the timely implementation, rapid assistance and the ability to adapt services to customer needs.

- Basic IVR services (registered services, phone keypad menu navigation, pre-routing messages);
- Advanced IVR services (voice-mail, televoting, live recording, vip chat);
- Services for web micro-payments (static password release, dynamic password release, instant access);
- Dial-up data access service;
- Virtual call center.